EVE – Automatic Cell Counter

//EVE – Automatic Cell Counter

EVE – Automatic Cell Counter


Count with EVE, affordable automatic cell counting.  EVE performs cell counting measurements using trypan blue staining method combined with advanced image analysis produces highly repeatable accurate results.  No more manual counting!

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(contains: Main device, Power supply, USB drive, EVE Cell counting slides (50 slides)

EVE™ Automatic Cell Counter uses state-of-the-art optics and image analysis software to automatically count cells.  EVE™ is a benchtop counter, designed to measure cell count and viability (live, dead, and total cells) accurately and precisely, using the standard trypan blue technique.  Using the same amount of sample that you currently use with the hemocytometer, EVE™ takes less than 20 seconds per sample for a typical cell count and is compatible with a wide variety of eukaryotic cells.  EVE™ measures cell concentrations ranging from 1 x 104 to 1 x 107 cells/mL, and cells that range in size from 5 to 60µm. The system provides information on cell size distribution, graphs results, and provides the option to save and print cell count data.  EVE™ intuitive software is designed to accurately count clumped cells and differentiate between cells and debris.   

EVE™ cell counting slides offer repeatable and reliable measurements and analysis.  EVE™ is supplied with disposable EVE™ Cell counting slides that contain two enclosed sample chambers which allows you to measure two different samples or perform replicates of the same sample. The unique non-coverslip design saves time and allows for exact volume control. This also reduces risk of exposure to infectious or hazardous samples, and increases efficiency throughout laboratory procedures by eliminating the need for washing or autoclaving components.

Key Feature and Benefits

Fine distinction of clumped cells

  • An advanced analysis algorithm provides accurate results in clumped cells.

Applicable for a broad range of cell sizes and types

  • From Primary (tissue, blood) cell lines to stem cells.

User Friendly

  • 7 inch LCD touch screen.
  • Benchtop size.
  • No maintenance required.

 Data storage and analysis

  • Stores 500 test results.
  • Transfers data to PC using USB drive.
  • PC provided software gives you more in-depth analysis.

Cell size gating function

  • Select range of cell size.

Easy to Use – 3 Easy Steps

1. Load the sample.

2. Adjust the focus.

3. Obtain results.

Highly qualified technical support 24/7 by NanoEnTek technical application specialists (HQ) and Chinchilla Life technicians.  Qualified specialists are ready to support you.



Items Specifications
Power AC 100 – 240V, 50-60Hz
Dimensions 27 (W) x 20 (W) x 19 (H) cm
Weight 2.1 Kg (4.6 lbs)
Counting Time < 20 seconds
Cell Measurement Range (cells/mL) 1 x 104  – 1 x 10cell/ml
Optimal Measurement Range (cells/mL) 1 x 105  – 4 x 10cell/ml
Cell Size Range 5 – 60 µm
Sample Volume 10 µm
Staining Method Trypan blue stain
Display 7” LCD touch screen
Export Formats JPEG (image), CSV (raw data)
Data Export USB drive

Additional information

Weight 21 lbs
Dimensions 26 × 16 × 17 in


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