JuLI™ Br Cell History Recorder – Cell History Recorder

//JuLI™ Br Cell History Recorder – Cell History Recorder

JuLI™ Br Cell History Recorder – Cell History Recorder


An increasing number of researchers are using live-cell imaging to study cellular functions.  The JuLI Br , is a smart Bright-cell movie recorder and analyzer, designed for a variety of biological experiments.

JuLI Br  enables live-cell time-lapse images to be directly captured from within a cell culture incubator using culture dishes of various sizes.  The compact design of the system (scope unit) allows it to be installed in virtually any size incubator and prevents contamination by maintaining a sterile environment.  Operated remotely, the system’s control and display (station unit) allows convenient monitoring of cellular activity and time lapse imaging.

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(Single set, 1 Scope & 1 Station)

A smart Bright-cell movie recorder and analyzer that works inside your incubator   JuLI Br   uses state-of the-art optics to produce live-cell images from various cell culture dishes.  It is able to detect and quantify cell confluence results with low variation, and make growth curves using image based analysis.

JuLI Br   is able to capture sequential time-lapsed bright images which can be converted to movie files (.avi) automatically.  The compact design allows you to install the system directly in your cell-culture incubator easily.  It can be used to compare control and experimental samples using dual systems, (*optional), concurrently.

Features of the JuLI Br ,  live-cell movie recorder and analyzer

Automated cell confluence detection – Quantified cell confluence results with low variation

10.1” color LCD touch screen – user friendly interface.

Dual system (*optional) – Compare control and experimental samples using a dual system concurrently.

Time-lapse image capture & movie recorder – Cell growth images we captured for 60 hours with 10 minute intervals in Hep3B cell line.

Automated quantitative cell confluence analysis – Cell confluence determined in various cell lines using JuLI Br.

Real time cell growth curves – HeLa cells growth were observed for 40 hours with 10 minute intervals and monolayer confluence analyzed using JuLI Br.

Cell migration (wound healing) assay – [Wound healing progress images] A549 cells were incubated for 40 hours after scratch. JuLI Br calculated the confluence with growth of surface unframed automatically.

[Wound healing progress graph] Wound confluence can be graphed to quantitatively analyze the recovering surface of the wound.

Image control

Highly qualified technical support by NanoEnTek technical application specialists (HQ) and Chinchilla Life technicians.

  • Qualified specialists are ready to support you.  From free training on basic operation to experimental support, we can help.



Items Specifications
Magnification Objective 4X and digital zoom (~ 400x)
Image resolution 2560 x 1920 pixels (5M)
Export formats JPEG (image), AVI (movie),
CSV (raw data)
Display 10.1” LCD touch screen
Light source White LED
Dimension & Weight Scope unit : 300 x 190 x 188 mm, 4.5 kg
Station unit : 282 x 285 x 160 mm, 3.2 kg
Storage 320 GB Hard drive, 4 GB USB drive
Power AC 100 – 240V, 1.9A, 100W, 50-60Hz
Operating Environment 5 – 40 °C, 20 – 95 %


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