C-Chip The World’s First True Disposable Hemocytometer

//C-Chip The World’s First True Disposable Hemocytometer

C-Chip The World’s First True Disposable Hemocytometer


NanoEnTek C-Chip cell counting slides are comparable to INCYTO™ C-Chip™ Disposable Hemacytometers.

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C-Chip A precision disposable plastic hemocytomer, developed to solve the problems of conventional glass hemocytomer.  The disposable C-Chip Cell counting slides contains two enclosed sample chambers which allows you to measure two different samples or perform replicates of the same sample. The unique non-coverslip design saves time and allows for exact volume control. This reduces risk of exposure to infectious or hazardous samples, and increases efficiency throughout laboratory procedures by eliminating the need for washing or autoclaving components.  Slides are pre-sterilized and individually packaged.

Features and Benefits

  • Does not require a coverslip
  • Eliminates the need of washing and reuse
  • Reduces exposure to infectious samples and contamination
  • Guaranteed repeatability and reliability
  • Two tests per slide
  • Quartz grade optical plastic
  • Sturdy and strong
  • Slides are pre-sterilized and individually packaged


  • Blood analysis (Hematology) Blood cell counting
  • Cell culture – cell concentration measurement – cell viability test
  • Microbiology – Bacteria & Fungal spore counting
  • IFV, IUI – Sperm counting



  • Bürker – 100 µm, 50 slides
  • Bürker Türk – 100 µm, 50 slides
  • Fuchs Rosenthal –  200 µm, 50 slides
  • Malassez – 200 µm, 50 slides
  • Neubauer Improved – 100 µm, 50 slides

Additional information

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C-Chip cell counting slides

Burker, Burker Turk, Fuchs Rosenthal, Malassez, Neubauer Improved


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